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custody attorney

custody lawyer branson mo

custody attorney branson mo

custody lawyer


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One of the most emotional and complicated parts of any divorce is child custody. Our goal is to ensure that the children on any relationship feel as little impact as possible. Watching parents divorce at any age is difficult and can have a serious effect on a child’s mental state. This is why we always endeavor to help you find the best possible situation for the child once the marriage has been dissolved. We know that your goal is to protect your child and ensure their financial security in the future; we can help you make sure that your child’s transition is as smooth and as stress-free as possible.

Our firm is dedicated to helping families find more positive solutions to very negative situations. A divorce is a difficult and emotional time for all involved, especially the children. Determining custody can be one of the most emotional parts of any divorce, despite what each parent’s individual situation is.

In Missouri, the laws governing child custody can be complicated. This is why you need a proactive and determined lawyer at your side. Our lawyers in Branson Missouri serve the whole of Southwest Missouri, helping families find the best possible solution to their unique situation. Each case is going to be different—that’s why we always take the time to get to know you, your spouse, and the situation. Our services are comprehensive, spanning the entire divorce process if necessary, from arranging child support to visitation rights to modifications.

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