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custody attorney branson mo

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Support Modifications

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When a divorce is said to be finalized, this means that both parties have agreed on the terms of the divorce and the marriage is dissolved. The terms of the divorce often include spousal support or alimony. While the final divorce document is meant to be concrete, if there is a change in one spouse’s situation or the welfare of the children is not being looked after, there can be modifications made to that divorce decree.

You do not necessarily have to have a lawyer in order to seek modification to child or spousal support, an attorney can help you get the most positive outcome possible in this situation.

Our firm is based in Branson, Missouri, but serves all of Southeast Missouri. We have served families in this area for years and have the expertise and the experience you want in a lawyer when seeking a modification. All areas of family law have the potential to become heated and complicated, so we strive to make your situation better.

In Missouri, it can be difficult to convince a court that a modification is necessary. While it sounds easy to simply present the changes that have occurred in your life that warrant the modification, changes to the divorce decree are often fiercely opposed by the other side, even if they fully understand that modification would actually be for the best. This is why, if you need a modification, you should seek legal counsel. We can help you with:

  • Modifications to child support – If the spouse responsible for raising the child is not receiving enough monetary support to take care of the child, a modification is a great solution.
  • Alimony modifications – If a spouse is unable to achieve the financial independence they require to survive, modifications to the spousal support agreement may be necessary.
  • Child custody situations – If one parent is no longer willing or able to fully support a child, or they are not a fit parent, modifications should be made to child custody agreements.
  • Visitation rights – Many factors can affect visitation rights and schedules, but changes will need to be made formally to the document.

For more information about support modifications or to schedule your consultation, contact us today.