guardianship lawyer

guardianship attorney

guardianship lawyer branson mo

guardianship attorney branson mo

guardianship lawyer


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When you have young children or are the guardian of a disabled adult, planning for those individuals in the unlikely event of your passing is extremely necessary. Making sure that they have someone legally responsible for their well being ensures that if you do pass away, they will be properly looked after.

While this might not seem like an immediate concern if you are young and healthy, not making a plan for these individuals means that their fate could be left up to the courts if you do die unexpectedly. Though the courts will try to place them with the right individual, children and disabled adults can be bounced from one home to another, while both can thrive only in a stable environment. Setting up guardianship as a part of your living will and estate planning process is extremely necessary.

In Missouri, there are essentially two different types of guardianship:

  • Guardians for minors – Guardians assigned to care for the well being of children who are young than eighteen
  • Guardians for disabled adults – If you are the current guardian of a disabled adult or elderly person who is not able to make their own financial or lifestyle decisions, having a plan in place is especially important.

Guardianship arrangements are distinct from child custody and visitation cases because visitation law does not apply. The guardian is the sole caretaker for the child, so making sure you have the right person is important. This is where legal counsel can help. Our lawyers in Branson not only serve Branson, but all of Southwest Missouri, not just helping individuals navigate complicated guardianship laws, but also ensuring that you have chosen the right guardian for your child.

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