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Immigration attorney

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Immigration Law

Navigating the complex immigration system on your own can be difficult. When you enlist our help, you will not be on your own. Whether you are trying to immigrate to the United States or you are already here and seeking protection, we can help. We have been helping immigrants in Branson and Southwestern Missouri with immigration-related legal issues for years. When it comes time to apply for a visa or go before a court or even become a US citizen, having a skilled attorney at your side will be invaluable—and that is what we can provide. Our law firm takes on a variety of cases, including:

  • Family-based immigration – The US immigration system strives to get and keep families together. If you need assistance getting one or all of your family to the US, we can help with every step, from filing for visas to applying for citizenship.
  • Removal cases – If you have been asked to appear in court for removal, you need an attorney on your side. The risk of deportation is real, but we can advocate for you.
  • Protection from harm – Returning to your home country is often dangerous. If you have come to the United States for the promise of safety, but you are under threat of deportation, our law firm can help. Seeking refuge or asylum can ensure that you are permitted to stay in this country, to avoid violence or retribution at home.
  • Appealing decisions – If a court has already ordered that you are to be sent home, this does not have to be the end of your fight to stay in this country. Our law firm can help you appeal to stay in the US.

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